Saturday, 30 April 2011

Self-Relaxing!!! Warning.

I have self-relaxed and ended up texlaxing. However I would still self-relax in the future (if I decide to remain relax), so yesterday I was curious and youtubed a few self-relaxer videos. Please be warned not to adhere to all of the advice in those videos, here's a few bits of "advice" I saw in the videos:
  1. "Leave the relaxer in until it burns or you can't take the pain anymore": No! Unless you want a burn in the back of your head, do not do this. Adhere to the timings in the instructions that come in the relaxer box (this do differ for different hair textures so take note).
  2. "Don't time how long  the relaxer has been in your hair": I suggest you do time and again adhere to the timings in the instruction manual. You can always add a teaspoon or two of oil to the relaxer mix to slow down the processing time (or to texlax) if you don't do this, follow the timings otherwise you may end up with burns/scab hair.
  3. "Don't use gloves": If you don't use gloves you could end up with yellow nails for a week or so. I use gloves because I don't want the relaxer coming into contact with my sensitive skin.
  4. "I apply my relaxer to my edges first because I want them to lay down"- Actually it is advised to apply the relaxer to your edges last because this is a very sensitive part of your hairline.
The moral of the story is to take heed when following youtubers, here are three good youtube videos (in my opinion) of how to self-relax:   > ulovemegz- although note she doesn't use gloves  > ms kibibi of K.I.S.S > how to relax in two halves by Lonei



  1. I can't believe woman are putting out such dangerous and backwards advise! Imagine all the women out there who do not know any better watching those videos and taking in the advise as fact and then using them... Goodness, the thought is saddening!

  2. Yep, Jeni I was truly shocked

  3. Will check those links out to know the don'ts of hair relaxing if I ever do it by myself! Could have been a victim ... thanks for sharing!

  4. You're welcome, I think those videos are quite good.