Thursday, 9 June 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day 1 Five Ways To Win Your Heart

30 days.
30 topics.
30 blog posts.
I found this challenge from (Her Best Hair) and thought it looked quite fun, so I'd thought I'd start now (even though I go on holiday on June 26th for a week but I will continue after). And I will also be doing blogs about hair - don't worry!
I found this post quite hard.
1. Cook for me/Share my love for food
One way to a man's heart is through his stomach and it's the same for me. I love food! I love to be cooked for, don't get me wrong I can cook but there's nothing like homecooked food made by someone else lol. My favourite food to eat is African, Caribbean and Indian. I love chicken korma, naan bread, onion bhajis, pilau rice, kelewele, jollof rice, chicken stew, dumplings, patties and jerk chicken.
2. Good sense of humour
I love to laugh, I laugh everyday and I love to be around people who make me smile. Being positive and light-hearted makes life so much easier.

3. Be ambitious
I am a very ambitious person and it is really appealing to be with someone who is as ambitious as me. Ambition is very attractive and definitely a way to win my heart.
4. Understand me
I have (like every one else) my specific ways of doing things or my particular likes/dislikes. My love for Hello Kitty (my whole car is decked out in it), my need to buy Glamour magazine every month, my ability to not be able to eat anything spicier then Lemon & Herb at Nandos. Whatever it is - acceptance and understanding is key, definitely important.
5. Honesty
I try to be as honest as possible- with friends, family and whoever else asks me for an honest opinion. Honesty is definitely the best policy.
That's it- not very interesting but quite simple.

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