Thursday, 23 June 2011

Ayurvedic Hair Powders Review

In an earlier post I did I stated I purchased two ayurvedic powders.
1. Brahmi Powder
Ayurveda's most potent hair vitalizer
Has the following advantages: Cools the scalp, Controls dandruff, Makes hair long, dark, Dense & lustrous, Strengthens hair roots.

2. Shikakai Powder
Dirt Buster for your scalp
Has the following advantages: Provides new life to hair strands, Strengthens hair roots, Increases bounchiness and silkiness of hair, Clears dandruff, Keeps the scalp clean and cool.

I purchased a pack of each powder for about £1.50 each from Ebay- this included postage and packaging, so I was quite pleased. About three weeks ago I mixed about 2tsps of each powder with water in an empty pot. Yesterday when I looked at this pot, there were bits that had sunk to the bottom - literally clumps and the rest was of a liquid consistency. In order to make it thicker I added my conditioner (Tresemme Naturals) and just mixed until it got to the consistency I desired.

I planned to use this mix as a DC (deep conditioner) once a fortnight. As I am two weeks post-relaxer I chose to use it after my shampoo wash yesterday. I applied the conditioner to my hair with an applicator brush, it is a sloppy process, it took me no more than 5 minutes, I applied it to my hair in two halfs and then clipped up the hair in a kirby grip. Here is a picture:

I left for 40 minutes and then washed out with warm water. I had to comb my hair while I was washing it under the tap because some other reviewers have stated that they have found lumps in their hair from the powder and it took a few days to remove. It did take me a while to wash it out, what would happen is I would finish washing. Then run my hands through my scalp find a lump and wash again. This happened about three times. I then added my leave-in conditioner and wrapped and went to sleep.

This morning my hair felt like it had been clarified- a bit dry, I used my Elasta QP moisturiser and it feels like the moisture has been restored. I think the clarifiying effect was due to the Shikakai Powder which acts as a "scalp buster". I would definitely use it again, I want my hair to be stronger and also darker (remember I said my hair is going brown). I reckon this could be used instead of a clarifying shampoo 1x month.

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