Monday, 20 June 2011

Weekend Updates! (with PICS)

30 day blog challenge: I failed! On day 10 *sigh*. I completely forgot to blog on Friday.
Anyway speaking of Friday, I was in a rush to get ready to go out Friday night and what did I do? Reach for my flat iron :( yes I cannot believe it. This means direct heat has touched my hair twice in June. Oh dear. I did use heat protectant but I wore a braidout for the day and could not get rid of my curl pattern, why didn't I do a bantu knot out? caruso roller set? side swept braidout? Nope I reached for the GHDs. Anyway enough of the guilt trip I am hoping I can stay away from direct heat till my next relaxer date- August 12th. It's a long shot but I will try.
I should be able to achieve this challenge especially, given the straight results I got with my Caruso roller set. Usually if I do this I start from air dried hair- here is what my hair looks like when air dried:
I put rollers in my hair- I typically use 2 small ones, 2 medium size and 4 jumbo ones on my hair. I always divide my hair into two sections than divide my hair into 4. I keep the rollers in for about an hour similarly, to the saran wrap method I wrap my hair:
< old pic
Then put saran wrap on my hair, go under my hooded dryer attachment for about 5 minutes, remove the saran wrap and comb with a wide tooth comb. Results (before London was hit with heavy rain):

There are still kinks (from my braidout)- I don't know how to get rid of these which is a bit of a problem :/
Another issue: I can't do a braidout on dry hair as well as I do a braidout on washed hair. I know curl pattern is stronger on freshly washed hair but does this really mean for each braidout I wish to do I have to wet my hair beforehand? If you have any advice let me know please.

Anyway back to caruso rollers- hair had swing- and it was completely heat free. If you want to see a video of caruso saran wrap check this out:

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