Tuesday, 12 July 2011

How I Dealt With My Hair On Holiday/My Swim Routine

Cyprus was 90 F everyday, blue skies and sunshine :). Therefore I decided to wear my hair in a braidout every day- there was no point me wearing my hair straight and fighting against the humidity/heat. All I did was to plait my hair every night the same way I've shown in my previous braidout post with perm rods at the end. I really had to step my moisturising up, I moisturised and sealed 2x week. The advantage of the heat means it took no longer than 2 hours for the whole of my hair to air dry. I air dried after co-washing by either plaiting my hair and putting my scarf on on just letting my hair hang and then braid.

My Swim Routine:
  1. Soak my hair with oil and conditioner about 30 minutes prior to swimming and tie up in a bun
  2. Put my swimming cap on
  3. Swim lol
  4. Rinse my hair out with water then co-wash
  5. Apply leave-in conditioner then air-dry as normal
When I returned from holiday I did a hot oil treatment with vatika oil, coconut oil and olive oil and then I did a protein treatment (all my hair received on holiday was moisture) and then I shampooed and applied my leave-in conditioner. I did a braidout overnight- my hair was gorgeous the next morning- I could still smell the oils :)

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