Tuesday, 6 December 2011

London Girly Monthly Rundown

I have been buying… a few things- check my haul video :)
I have been eating at… Byron Burger- yummy try their macaroni cheese, Yo Sushi (katsu curry is lovely!), Wagamamas (yaki soba omg) and Gourmet Burger- all of these places I tried for the first time and I'd definitely reccommend them. Oh and the old favourite Nandos lol. I love to eat out if you hadn't guessed lol.
I have visited… M&M world- wow. Four floors of M&M merchandise and check out their sweetie tower- I was in awe

Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park - I definitely reccommend it. Wow I have been going out a lot

Best Bargain… My £10 Primark bag I love it
I have achieved… a hair regimen I actually like and can stick to (Y)
I've been listening to... Azonto songs- I am off to Ghana on the 21st December and Azonto is a huge dance there. I can't do it lol. But hey I like this song - Yenko Nkoaa- watch the video below:

I've been reading... reviews concerning cameras and laptops- I'm due to upgrade mine
Next month I’m looking forward to… did I say I was going to Ghana for Xmas AND New Year? Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!
Next month I hope to splash some cash on…my 1st full lace wig, you know reviews will be coming for that :)


  1. the winter wonderland looks fun

  2. It is - it has a big wheel, rides, ice skating and plenty of food- I definitely reccommend!