Monday, 16 January 2012

Blue Monday

This is a random post by the way but I felt I just had to write this. I am 23 weeks post relaxer on Friday and if you follow my blog you know I am transitioning to natural. I bought a kinky straight wig last week, it looks like this:

It mimics the exact texture of a 4a/b blowout. I wore my wig to my workplace (a school) and I receieved a few sideway glances/looks from the students. In fact I was so self-conscious today (Monday) I decided to wear my silky straight wig that I bought from Miss Wigs which mimics a more European texture (see here). Today I even received a comment from one of my students that my hair "looks better this way". Now as I'm going natural you can imagine how this comment made me feel - very nervous. I will be BCing in August (possibly before) and my hair is of a kinky 4a/b texture. I actually feel less confident about wearing my hair naturally. In fact I can understand why some people are apprehensive about wearing their hair natural for job interviews and at work. I "can understand" doesn't mean I agree with their stance but I can definitely emphasise, after today. Anyway I'm going back to my kinky straight wig today because the students (and I) have to get used to it. Maybe it's because I am the only black female teacher in the school. Or maybe it's my own paranoia. I'm not sure but it did make me think other people's reactions must be a common barrier for women going natural.


  1. I really like that wig, it looks way more natural than these huge ass goddess weaves they got out here.
    Rock yours at school and be proud :)

  2. My first reaction is to say eff them and their ignorant sideways glances!!!!!

    However, I would always opt for a straight style or play it safe with an updo (with minimal texture) so as not to shove my 'ethnic' hair in the interviewers face. So so sad but its true. I would do the same if I went natural i.e. blow dry and flat iron for an interview just to make sure I didn't throw anything too different into the mix to detract from my ability to do the job and 'fit in' but once I get the job I rock whatever style I want.

    Doubt I'd get the sack cos of my hair as I'd already be proving they took on the right person at that time but I would wonder if I didn't get a job because of an 'ethnic' hair style, especially in today's credit crunch climate!! I wouldn't risk it.... Don't judge me (",)

  3. wow this looks really natural.. x

  4. Thanks Yolanadas and Maureen
    @ Simply into My HAIR- I can definitely appreciate what you're saying
    I wore it today, as for the job interview scenario I will cross that bridge when I come to it I guess. I'll have to post pics of the wigs soon, thanks for the comments girls :)