Thursday, 16 February 2012

Two New Synthetic Lace Front Wigs

I know , I know, I promise I am not becoming a wig addict! But my previous wigs ended up matted and unwearable so I purchased two more for £83 including postage, packaging or so I thought! I purchased from LH Boutique on 23rd January and I did not get my products till 9th February. Why so long? I received an e-mail the beginning of February stating I would have to pay an extra £22 in custom charges, very unhappy with LH Boutique and their poor customer service (not replying to my complaint sent over a week ago!). So I will not be ordering from there again. And it came in this big old box!

Anywho here are the wig specs.
Model Model Viva, $39.99 now, I purchased for $29.99 click here
It's a colour 1B, body wave texture about 14 inches.

Model Model "Futura" Lace Front Wig - Inspire here, $39.99
It's a colour 1B, straight texture with a small curl and it's a lot longer about 16 inches.

I hope these wigs last me till the end of May when I will be purchasing my last *wipes tear* human hair wig to aid my transition, I plan to BC in August 2012.

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