Saturday, 31 March 2012

London Girly Monthly Rundown

I have been buying… a little bit of make up, I purchased 3 NYX mega shine lipglosses but I'm still waiting for them to be delivered -_-. And I did buy my Ipod Touch (Y)
I have been eating at… Strada, Zizzi and OMG Wasabi's! I am so late to this restaurant- I had a yummy chicken katsu curry and a drink for just under £6, I love Wasabi!
I have visited… Putney, this was a blast to the past- I went to primary school (elementary school) there and it was definitely a walk down memory lane
Best Bargain… not much tbh with all the price increases (stamps, fuel) I really can't answer this.
I have achieved… 8 months post relaxer woop woop! 4 to go (I hope)
Afrobeat track of the month... Prepaid Girl by Stay Jay:

I've been reading...not much at all tut tut
Next month I’m looking forward to… having some spare cash to actually buy myself some clothes
Next month I hope to splash some cash on…some Spring Summer clothes such as this

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