Sunday, 4 March 2012

Things People Say To Naturals...

Okay I'm not natural yet (I'm 29 weeks post relaxer, more than halfway through my transition!) but I swear I could make a book of quotes of the things people have said to me concerning my hair, I'll leave the quotes below:
"Why would you want to cut off your hair? Do you know how many people would kill to have your long hair?" (erm my hairs not even long :s)
"I think you could cut off your hair but I don't know if it'd suit you maybe if you get a texturiser..."
"You could cut off your hair but it depends if your hair grows well because if it doesn't...woah"
"Do you think I have time to find out how to look after my natural hair? That's why I wear weave"
"Go to the hairdressers and get it fixed"

*SIGH* this video is hilarious and contains more "quotes": 


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