Monday, 23 April 2012

Hair Regimen Changes

Here are some changes I am trying out in my hair regimen:

1. Only shampooing 2x month instead of 1x month. This is because I feel shampoo is drying my hair and it is not neccessary for me to do this weekly.

2. Only moisturising every other day instead of daily. This is to prevent product build up because I no longer what to use a clarifying shampoo (I want to avoid sulfates). I still use coconut oil on the days I do not moisturise.

3. Not using clarifying shampoos any longer. I use to clarify once a month, however now I wish to avoid them for the same reasons as no.1 and 2.

4. Switching to more natural hair products. I recently ordered my oils and butters which are all natural and a new shampoo by Shea Moisture. I still plan to purchase 2 more Shea Moisture products- the restorative conditioner and curl enhancing smoothie.

5. Using coconut oil as well as my leave-in conditioner (Cantu) after my weekly wash. This is to make my hair more moisturised whilst it is air drying.

The final thing I have been thinking of doing is to stop co-washing and instead apply a deep conditioner instead for 30 minutes and rinse. This is basically to avoid using non-natural products (I use Herbal Essence's HH) and to save time. I may consider that when I am natural or when the HEHH bottle finishes- whatever comes first!

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