Sunday, 22 July 2012


I am slightly bored of my blog! I feel this is because I have many other interests like nails, nail art, fashion and styling so having just a hair blog means I feel I cannot blog about these other interests! I plan to spice up (lol) my blog a little bit by adding a header and changing it to a .com URL address. But other than that I want to change the content up. I think I may start adding these interests but then I don't want my readership to change or the 'feel' of the blog. If that makes sense! Also I considered starting another blog with these interests but then I figured that, this blog and my Youtube channel would be waaay too much upkeep! I am definitely inspired by other style/beauty blogs and I feel that may be the way to go. Or should I just take a break from blogging and create another blog? I'm all types of confused. Anyone have any advice? Or should I just blog what I want? I do want my blog to have some type of order and structure. And I still want to do hair product reviews and advice. Hmmm. Any tips/comments would be helpful!

*EDIT to add:
I have now changed (slightly) the layout of the blog and also added some extra features to the sidebar. Many thanks to this website I did it all myself (including the header!).


  1. I think you can have it all in one blog... that may not be the best "business" choice but if you blog simply for the love of blogging, people will still read and it will make it a whooole lot easier on you!

  2. I think most people who love hair also love other girlie things so your other interests aren't really outside your focus. I follow all KINDS of blogs (hair, nails, weight loss, fashion) so I'd still be here!!! You can create a menu bar and have the different categories listed for easier organization too. And (clearly) I'm all for spicing up or changing the look of my blog. And you'd be surprised how much hair fits into other areas of life.

  3. Thanks for both your comments - they are so helpful! I will definitely take your advice about the menu bar...and add a little bit of nails/clothes blog posts :)