Tuesday, 31 July 2012

London Girly Monthly Rundown

I have been buying… even more Summer clothes! Yes I shouldn't have, but I did. I guess I work hard so I wanted to treat myself :). The haul video is below.

I have been eating at…Nandos and Pizza Express. Last time I went to Nandos I got a half chicken, halloumi cheese (omg yummy), pitta bread, rice and garlic bread. I ate it allll lol. I also went to a dessert parlour and had waffles with white chocolate sauce and a scoop of Ferrero Rocher ice cream. Fattening but worth it :)

I have visited… the park quite a lot, the weather has been lovely in London and look what I spotted:

Best Bargain...honestly I can't think of one! Oh dear.
I have achieved…increasing fitness levels...I think lol. As I am on holiday I plan (and have been for the last week) to hit the gym 4x week- swim once, weights class, spin class and step class. I'm loving it!
Afrobeat track of the month...nope I'm going to choose an afrobeat video of the month. I LOVE the way this video was filmed and directed. Even if I hated the dancing (which I don't I LOVE and I'm jealous lol) I'd be able to appreciate the effects in the video- amazing. I was blown away by the talent in the video- and they're all from London :)

I've been reading...Steve Harvey's 'Think Like A Man, Act Like A Woman'. I read it cover to cover and I could read it again lol. Immediately after watching the film my friend and I turned to each other and said 'we need to get this book'!
Next month I’m looking forward to…my BIRTHDAAAAY! And of course my holiday to Jamaica.
Next month I hope to splash some cash on…rum, it is my favourite drink and I'll be in Jamaica so why not! ;)

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