Thursday, 26 July 2012

New Hair Products

My BC date is nearing (12th August) and I'm preparing my natural hair regimen and products. Here are three things I bought this week:

Giovanni Leave-In Conditioner £9.39, Whole Foods (also available at British Curlies and other online stores)

Eco Styler Gel, £1.99, local hair shop. This was quite hard to get a hold of! I purchased the Argan Oil, they have a lot of different varities. This has a maximum hold of 10. I will also do a review after a couple of weeks of use. I know it is available at Aces, Paks and Julia's.

I will of course do a review soon on both products!

And some scissors to BC with! 99p Shop.I need some Eco Styler Gel, it is so hard to get a hold of! I didn't realise it would be, I know they sell it Aces (and Pak's if it is near you) so I will be heading there.


  1. Can't wait to see your BC!!!

  2. I really liked the Giovanni Leave in when I tried it.

  3. Thanks Shika, I'm nervous!
    @EbonyCPrincess, that's good, I'm liking it so far :)