Thursday, 2 August 2012

Yes! I Big Chopped - Back to Natural Hair (Loads of Pictures)

And I  filmed it as well lol.


Anyway I was one day away from 51 weeks post relaxer (basically 1 year post) and woke up and knew I was going to big chop. There was definitely no hesitation and I just started cutting my relaxed ends off. I am very happy to have natural hair! It is kind of strange - I feel normal again and I can FINALLY style my hair!

I had to get a picture halfway through lol- half natural hair and half transitioning hair. It's a mullet:

Couldn't resist a little length check too:

Ahh - all gone, a relief!

Afterwards- alll natural:

This was supposed to be a braidout lol (I used eco styler gel and water

 Instead I rocked a side puff:

This is a view of my puff lol:

But yep all in all I am definitely happy to be natural again! And I will be snipping away a few of those straight ends on my next wash day. I will definitely be updating this blog with styles, my regimen, more product reviews, length checks etc. The content won't be changing- I'll just be all natural! I also would like to thank everyone who provided supportive and positive comments over the last year I have been transitioning - it has helped so much! x