Wednesday, 19 December 2012

First Natural Hair Style

I two strand twisted my hair and then put rolled each two strand twist on one perm rod (except for two flat twists I did in the back because I ran out of rods!). I used all 24 rods, on one half of my hair I just used the curly pudding I reviewed here and on the other half I used the curly pudding and the Argan oil Eco Styler Gel (pictured below).

I put my hair in a puff because my curls were just all over the place! I got much better definition using the gel and pudding together:


  1. Very cute. Love the curls. Ecostyler gel with Advanced oil? I haven't seen this one in stores yet. I have the olive oil one.

    1. Thanks, it's the Argan oil version, it's at a few stores- but tbh I think it does the same job!