Thursday, 28 February 2013

London Girly Monthly Rundown

I have been buying…ALOT! In fact too much *covers eyes*. One thing that was free was my mobile phone upgrade- I am now the owner of a Samsung Galaxy S3. After 3 years I am getting rid of my Blackberry and embracing something new. I purchased Timberland boots, Nike Leopard Print Blazers, a monchrome shirt and made my first ever ASOS order and bought this jumper in the sale. I've also bought a few beauty bits- some lipsticks, nail polish and hair stuff (a Giovanni shampoo I will review and I repurchased Aubrey Organics). Also a BILLY bookcase from Ikea to store my shoes. Erm I think next month I will not be buying anything!

I have been eating at…not many places...I have made a little trip to Nandos. After all I had 2 tokens for a quarter chicken and a half chicken that I had to claim well that's my excuse

I have visited…two zoos! Yes two- London Zoo (which I've been to about 5 times) and Chessington (first time to the zoo). I reccommend going to London Zoo in the Summer especially as they are refurbishing quite a few parts of it. I really enjoyed Chessington Zoo. I saw penguins (twice), lions (twice), monkeys, giraffes, bearded pigs, pigs, meerkats (twice), fish, sharks, starfish etc.

Track of the month...I've gone old school! A mixtape I downloaded had both of these songs on it. I couldn't decide between which one to post as I love them both!
Mase: Feel So Good

Redman: Da Goodness

Next month I’m looking forward to…my holiday to Ghana for some R&R

Next month I hope to splash some cash on…nothing- welll maybe some high waisted jeans wouldn't go amiss.


  1. I like these posts.. wow u really did spend this month.
    Have a good holiday next month

    1. lol yep I did- thanks Maureen x