Monday, 15 April 2013


This was my sixth trip to Ghana, we stay in Accra because we have a house over there. I blogged (see here) and vlogged (see here) about my last trip to Ghana in December 2011. I will definitely be producing another vlog! But here are some pictures in the meantime, I love Ghana so much :)

I ate so much in Ghana- peanut soup and fufu, light soup with goat meat and fufu, kelewele (plantain), red red, jollof rice and banku :]

The last day

Nothing like a good cup of tea

At the Golden Tulip hotel

Labadi beach view from La Palm

 At La Palm hotel

 En route to Labadi Beach

I love these earrings

Afro puff/on the way to the Mall

 Eaten way too much at the Ghanaian buffet aka heaven

Bojo  Beach

 Bojo  Beach

 Bojo  Beach

At Labadi Beach

Cedis (£1= 2.9 cedis)


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