Friday, 19 July 2013

Prom: A formal natural hair hairstyle...

For a whole week I was Youtubing, Instagramming and Googling Natural Hair formal type hairstyles. I finally decided on the night to opt for this roll and tuck pin up do style. Firstly, I moisturised using my Elasta QP mango butter moisturiser. I then sectioned my hair into two, a large back section and a smaller front section. I then used kirby grips to roll and pin the back of my hair:
For the front section, I divided into two, then rolled each section forward and pinned.

See, a very quick 5 minute hairstyle for which I received a ton of compliments! In my father's words "natural hair works if you are willing to be creative"!!! For a more polished look, I'd reccommend using water and Eco Styler Gel to gel down the edges but I simply didn't have the time! Here's me in my dress, £15 from New Look!