Saturday, 6 July 2013

Review: Denman D31 Brush

I recently purchased this Denman D31 brush for £6.99 at Boots. I decided to buy it to aid detangling my Kinky Curly Yaki hair as I was planning to wash it for the first time. I wasn't too sure which one to purchase but the label said 'for afro hair' so I went with that one!

Description: The widely-spaced, smooth, nylon pins of this Denman Freeflow Medium 7 Row Grooming Brush are set into a half-round pad, which helps to create volume and movement in the hair. Perfect hairbrush for producing a softer, fuller look.

Thoughts: This brush was like a miracle worker! It clumped the curls together after applying my leave-in conditioner mix to my hair) and detangled it very well. I definitely will say make sure you detangle the hair whilst damp, definitely not dry! Some people choose to modify the brush by removing rows, but I chose not to and it detangled my hair very well as you can see:

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