Wednesday, 7 August 2013

10 Top Tips for Natural Hair Growth, Retention and Type 4 Hair

Just sharing 10 important things I have learnt since I approach my 2 year post relaxer date next week. Look out for a length check video soon and an updated hair regimen video on my Youtube channel :)

1) Don't detangle on dry hair. I detangle with a wide tooth comb weekly after washing
2) Don't go to sleep on loose hair. Braid it or twist it otherwise you will regret it. You. Will. Regret. It.
3) At night braid in the direction you want your braidout to fall, this goes for twistouts too!
4) Ensure you use butters on your hair (especially in Winter!) for example this, this and this
5) Stretch headbands for your puff before to avoid headaches. Click here for a how to 
6) Don't compare your growth to anyone else
7) But keep track of your growth through pictures or videos
8) Use a heat protectant before blow drying or straightening (some use 2!)
9) Co washing doesn't work (for me anyway, a sulfate free shampoo wash 1x a week is necessary for me especially as I workout 3x week)
10) Wash and gos don't work  (for me anyway!)


  1. As a newly natural I love co-washing! When I was relaxed I hated it. But now I just co-wash/wet my hair everyday before I style it. Maybe I will not co-wash that much when my hair gets longer (I have a twa now) and I can do protective styles

    1. I agree, as your hair gets longer your regimen may change- that's whats happened with me anyway!