Monday, 14 October 2013

Natural Hair Talk #2 Is Defined Hair best?

I was inspired to create this response due to this article about a woman who thought her hair had to be defined to 
look 'presentable'. It made me sad and it hinted at an ideal that defined type 3a/b/c hair is presentable whereas
type 4a/b/c is 'difficult'.
Personally I choose to wear stretched styles to work because:

That is, I do not always have time to flat twist or braid or bantu knot my hair nightly and undo in the mornings during
the week. However weekends and the odd Thursday night I do. There isn't even a debate as to whether type 4 hair
is presentable. If you think not...

I have many tutorials on this blog and Youtube if you don't believe me. One thing I was confused about when 
transitioning was the obsession with curl definition. For example, Instagram. Post a stretched afro= 10 likes, a
bomb braidout = 300 likes. What'supwiththat. I thought being natural was a transition (pun intended) out of the
mindset that one hair texture is better than another. Hey, ho. And if you wanted a quick summary of my thoughts,
read this lovely reply:

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  1. i definitely agree, i didnt understand that either when i first went natural- i was like theres nothing about these "wash and go's" or "braid outs" that say people are accepting their TRUE natural hair. but i do understand now that braid outs etc are definitely easier to avoid tangles and stuff in your hair, the undefined look often comes with a lot of tangles that might end up breaking ur hair. however im not feeling the whole "slick ur edges like crazy" thing lol.. i kinda like the messy look at times, as well as the sleek look at times :) x

    1. I agree, a bit of both works as well. I do wish there were more type 4 hair videos on youtube b/c wash n goes do not generally work well on this type of hair so it can be misleading to transitioners.