Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Let's Grow! Hair Journey begins

Hey everyone! Welcome to my blog which will document my hair journey.
My Health Hair Journey (HHJ) began on 4th September 2010 when I relaxed my hair, I have SL length hair:

Some Background...
I am from London :) and I first relaxed my hair at ten years old with a curly perm then straight perms followed. Having no knowledge of how to take care of permed hair (my mum doesn't know much about Black haircare) made the upkeep of my hair really difficult. By 13 years old I decided not to relax my hair again thanks to going to a Jill Scott concert lol. I then grew out my relaxed hair until I was 16 years old when I discovered....the flat iron. I straightened my hair about 2-3 times a week for two years until I was 18 and realised my hair was breaking, badly :(. When I was 18 I braided my hair or wore sew-in weaves and over four years my hair recovered and was back to its original, thick afro hair. I am now 22 and after collecting much information about regimens, vitamins, oils, relaxers and hair products from these sites:

I decided to relax my hair on September 5th 2010. I am happy iwith my decision and at first I was sceptical about the progress pictures I've seen. But I believe with haircare, patience and commitment I can reach my hair length goal which is BSL (bra strap length hair) or MBL (mid back length hair). I will update my hair journey at least every two weeks and will include pictures (I will add some later), resources and product reviews on my way. So join me and let's grow :)

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