Thursday, 28 October 2010

Self-Relaxer Results

I self-relaxed today for the first time ever and it went quite well. I didn't do the half and half method as I couldn't find a shower cap! This is what I used:
This is a no-lye relaxer only cost me £4 (beats paying £35 at the salon!) includes wrap lotion, relaxer, neutralizer shampoo and gloves. A week before my relaxer I did a protein treatment. I then oiled my scalp with castor oil yesterday night. Here are my self-relaxer steps:
First I divided my hair into four sections (two front, two back)
1. Oil scalp and hairline with oil (I used carrot oil)
2. Put conditioner on my relaxed ends to avoid over-processing
3. Start timing (I let the relaxer sit on my hair for 18 minutes as my natural hair is quite coarse)
4. Apply relaxer using applicator brush to new growth only
5. Rinse 5-6 times using neutralizing shampoo (on at least one rinse I leave on for 2 minutes and then rinse- I had to buy Elasta QP neutralizing shampoo as there wasn't enough in the box in my opinion)
6. Apply deep conditioning treatment- deep condition for 45 minutes without heat
7. Apply my Aphogee pro-vitamin leave in conditioner, moisture and seal as normal
8. Air dry in 4 braids
And that was it I'm quite pleased with how it turned out for the first time! I am still shoulder length. I plan on Winterizing my regimen pretty soon by moisturising twice a day (using shea butter as well as mango butter) and using herbal essences beautiful ends leave-in cream to prevent split ends. Other than that my regimen is the same, I plan to relax in eight weeks time. Here are some pictures:
Hmm think I underprocessed slightly in the back as the picture above shows.
Good luck on your regimens and hair journeys people!

Hair Update:
Things My Hair Likes:
-No Direct Heat (has strengthened my hair enormously)
-Elasta QP moisturizer

Things My Hair Does Not Like:
-Castor Oil being applied directly to the scalp more than 2x week
-Air-drying (but I have no alternative)
-Shampoo washing (I only do this 2x month)

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  1. well done hun

    im staying off the cremey crack myself....but i wont lie, i miss it :(