Thursday, 14 October 2010

Update! Two weeks till Relaxer...

And trust me it can't come quick enough! I've been so busy with work recently but here is a quick update. I have a lot of new growth which I feel has mainly been from using castor oil five times a week for the last five weeks. Here is my new growth:

Edges are improving slightly. I have so much more growth around the middle of my head than at the front. I am stopping my castor oil challenge as of today because it makes my scalp too itchy. So I am now changing my regimen to include castor oil in my pre-pooing and with my conditioner on my co-wash days only. Instead I am going to moisture and seal with coconut oil for now. I was considering transitioning to texlaxing but I will stick with relaxing. And I will do a length check for my 5 week castor oil challenge to see if there were any results! I can't wait to relax I'm not a fan of new growth at all. Next time I am stretching for 10 weeks and then from January 2011 I will only relax every 3 months!

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