Wednesday, 22 December 2010

My Relaxer Process (Updated)

I am eight weeks post tomorrow, so I am relaxing this week. Here are some pictures of my new growth:

In 2011 I wish to stretch my relaxers for 3 months, I'm not looking forward to dealing with 12 weeks of new growth :/. After this relaxer I hope to next relax in March around March 3rd. I have also made a slight change to my Winter regimen and I am now only washing and deep conditioning my hair once a week instead of twice a week.
So onto the relaxer here's what I do before applying the relaxer (I'm still using ORS no-lye relaxer kit):
1. In the same month as my relaxer I use a clarifying shampoo
2. A week before my relaxer I do a protein treatment (I used ORS replenishing treatment 60p)
3. Yesterday night before I relaxed I oiled my scalp and hairline with castor oil
4. Before applying my relaxer I combed my hair, oiled my scalp and hairline with oil again and coated my already relaxed ends with oil and conditioner to avoid overprocessing
5. Then I divide my hair into two halves using my divider clips

6. This time I added two teaspoons of oil to slow down the processing time of my relaxer because last time I overprocessed
7. I applied the relaxer and started where my hair is the coarsest (my nape) and ended where my hair is the most delicate (my hairline)
8. I kept the relaxer on for 25 minutes and then rinseed my hair with neutralizer four to five times. The last time I left it on for 2-3minutes

9. I then deep-conditioned, applied my leave-ins/moisturiser
10. This time I did a wrap, and used the wrapping lotion in my hair and sat under my dryer for an hour.
This is the hair I lost
Results: I'll post a proper picture soon but I am actually a bit disappointed. I underprocessed again despite keeping it on for an extra 5 minutes!
My roots look texlaxed :(. I have decided I am going to relax again in March but get a partial sew-in weave as a protective style shortly to prolong my stretch. Then I am going switch to a lye relaxer and try the half and half method. If that doesn't work then I'll just have to get my relaxers at the hairdresser (*sad face*). Honestly don't know what I'm doing wrong! I partially cheered myself up by this snapshot of my hair length it has definitely grown:

****Anyway Merry Christmas everyone! :)****

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