Saturday, 8 January 2011

Flexi Rod FAIL!

With a capital F.
It looked good from the front...

But from the back....

Eurgh, I've made a decision to get a corrective relaxer at the end of this month at Yeah I am actually giving up self-relaxing (for now) and handing it over to the hairdresser. I plan to relax with ORS No-Lye Relaxer Extra Strength by the time I get this corrective it will have been 5 weeks since my last (underprocessed) relaxer. I can't wait till then I'm just bunning every day.


  1. Aww girl don't worry it can only get better.. I always find the less product I have in the hair the better they come out..
    Also my other issue is they fall flat by the end of the night/day so I need to invest in a good holding spray...

    Here is my attempt..

  2. Thanks Maureen :), yours came out nice. I've just invested in a Caruso roller set so I'm going to try those too

  3. I've just read about ur caruso purchase, i look forward to the post.