Saturday, 12 February 2011

Haul/Clip-Ins Part Two

SO...I feel kind of bad because I broke one of my Hair-resolutions to avoid buying more products. However I needed these. Here's what I got from the local hair shop:
In this pic: magnetic rollers (for roller sets on wet hair, which I want to try soon) in medium and large (£2.50 in all), human hair 14-inch for clip-ins, wig clips and Elasta QP DPR-11 moisture DC- I'll alternate this with my hair mayonnaise protein DC after washing to get my moisture/protein balance right.
I bought the clip-ins because the hair I have is colour 2 which is too light. My hair is a mix of black and brown. However  I saw a great idea from Hairlista to make clip-ins a protective style! Here's the clip-ins I made (I previously did a clip-in tutorial):
I sectioned off a small section of hair at the front and pinned that out of the way. I then did a French plait of all the hair at the back and pinned it. I put the clip-ins over my hair at the back so the back of my hair is protected and not exposed. Here I am with the first clip-in:

By the time I finished my own hair at the back is completely covered:
Just the front section is left out and I blend it by moisturising and brushing the clip-ins and my own hair. Look how well it blends :)

This beats wearing a half-wig for me at the moment- they're a lot more money in England then America- although it is still on my wish list. I'm happy with my clip-ins I'll probably wear them on weekends and bun throughout the week, easier to do as I'll be so busy with work.

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