Sunday, 13 February 2011

Winter Regimen Review

My Hair Regimen:
Co-wash 1x week (Thursdays)
Shampoo 1x week (Mondays- halfway through my stretch I use a detangling shampoo)
Deep condition 2x week before or after washing (no heat min 30 minutes, w/ heat min 10 mins, alternate between moisture DC and protein DC)
I pre-poo before a shampoo wash for min 30 minutes
I moisturise daily and nightly
Apply castor oil to edges sometimes to promote growth, sometimes add to co-wash
Use a leave-in conditioner after each wash
Relax every 9-10 weeks at the salon (Next date: April 1st 2011 at 9 weeks post)
Use direct heat (blow dryer, straightener) no more than 1xmonth
Protect my ends (buns) at least 5x week
99% of the time I air dry - no heat styles: braidouts, bantu knots, roller sets, clip-ins

Shampoos: Elasta QP Creme Conditioning Shampoo: I love Elasta QP hair products and I love this shampoo, it is sulfrate-free which is even better.
Creme of Nature Detangling Shampoo: I plan to use this after 5 weeks post which is about halfway through my stretch to help me detangle my new growth. I like this shampoo because it includes oils such as olive oil and coconut oil and I love the smell even the day after my hair smells so good!
Deep conditioners: ORS Hair Mayonnaise protein: This has been my stable DC since Sep (the start of my HHJ) I love the way it easily goes onto my hair and coats my hair completely. It does feel a bit heavy so I am now alternating this with a moisture DC as too much protein makes hair limp.
Elasta QP DPR-11 moisture: yet to use (will update!)
Co-wash: V05 Deep Nourishing Elixir: I love this conditioner it includes 5 essential oils such as tea tree oil. I have no problems with it and it is cheap (£1 or $1.50) which is perfect as I co-wash quite alot. The only reasons I would change this conditioner is I was bored or curious.
Moisturisers: Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango Butter Moisturizer: I love love this moisturizer I've done a review on this already, it is my staple mositurizer and is quite popular, I will not change this.
Organics Shea Butter Tea-Tree Moisturizer: I like this moisturizer, it's not extremely great but it does the job.
Oils: Castor Oil: I previously used this 5x week but it was waayyyy too much and my scalp got itchy. So I limited my use to just 2x week to apply on my edges to improve growth. I only use this sometimes as it is quite a heavy oil and promotes thick growth (my hair is thick already!). But a great growth aid.
(Hollywood Beauty) Carrot Oil: This is a decent oil however I preferred the smell of Coconut Oil, I am tempted to try other oils such as Argan/Moroccan Oil and Amla Oil.
Leave-In Conditioners: Aphogee ProVitamin Leave-In Conditioner: Bought this because it had great reviews, however nothing special. Whether it is helping to strengthen my hair I don't know.
Herbal Essences LTR: Again bought this because it had many great reviews, I think it is a great leave-in to use during Winter to prevent split ends.
Heat Protectants: Tresemme: I like this heat protectant because it is a spray so ensures great coverage over my hair. It does the job.
Elasta QP design silk: Fantastic 2-in-1 it is a heat protectant and a holding spray. Probably should have bought this instead of Tresemme's.
Relaxer: ORS Extra Strength No-Lye: Popular relaxer, I never burn I definitely prefer no-lye to lye relaxers. The products that come with it in the box (ORS replenishing pak, wrapping lotion) are also great.

The main differences between my Summer and Winter Regimen is:
I moisturise 2x a day as the cold can damage my hair especially if it is exposed and lead to dry ends
I only wash 2x week in Winter (combined with gym workouts 2-3xweek) it will increase to at least 3x week in Summer


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