Saturday, 26 March 2011

Hair Review aka I really need to start reading the ingredients of my products

First the discovery of sulfate in my conditioner , now this! But this is good though :)

I use my Hollywood Beauty Carrot Oil (£1.99) to seal every other day and sometimes add it to my deep conditioners. I've been doing this since the start of 2011, I glanced at the bottle today and saw '7 oils' I was like huh. This product also contains:
- wheat germ oil
- avocado oil
- jojoba oil
- peanut oil
-coconut oil
- aloe vera extract
How crazy, 7 oils in 1 for £1.99, bargain- I just love my oils. This product is a great sealant though the bright orange colour is a bit off-putting. I would buy again but maybe try one of the other Hollywood Beauty oils (e.g tea tree oil). And I'm still applying my castor oil to promote thick hair growth 2x week. In other news, I have been considering transitioning, I am 8 weeks post now and this is the easiest stretch by far (I think it's b/c I am DCing 2-3x week now and using a moisturising DC). However I'm still very unsure, I've got 2 weeks till my touch-up is due so alot of thinking to do...HHJ!

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