Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Yep I've said it!
I am officially transitioning. I am 9 and a half weeks post anyway so I've decided I'm going to transition to natural (again). This is going to be my final time at transitioning - eek! I've realised I've been relaxing my hair for other people for fear afro hair is not socially acceptable. But I've decide who cares about what people think- my hair my life! I have had many inspirations that have led me to this:
moptop maven
le coil on tumblr
I felt I was going to transition when I was constantly perusing these websites lol. I really wish I knew what I know about haircare now when I had afro hair :(. But never mind, mistakes can be made and at the end of the day it's just hair. I'm hoping this time next year I will have gone through my transition - so I plan to transition for 12-13 months (end January 2012). I'm not sure what my hair plans are, how I'm going to do it all I know is no BC (big chop) for me.
All my posts will stay up on this blog, I'm still on my HHJ just a different type of journey. I know the more I relax my hair the harder it will be to transition.

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