Thursday, 7 April 2011

Transitioning Journey in Full Swing! Includes pictures...

Ahhh reminiscing of my afro days...May 2010...

Thick, coarse 4A/4B hair

This is my hair at the moment, 10 weeks worth of new growth!

It's funny because tomorrow was supposed to be my relaxer touch up day and now I'm transitioning- yay! I've joined the 1 year transitioning challenge on Hairlista. I plan to BC at 14 months post (March 2012). My new growth is already driving me crazy I have about an inch of regrowth near the crown and about half an inch nearer the front. My two textures are sooo different! Here are my transitioning tips/rules:
- Keep direct heat to a minimum (If I want to flat iron my new growth it won't be more than 2x month)
- Keep dry combing to a minimum, detangle when wet
- Co-wash or shampoo wash hair in 4 sections

I have been tempted to relax my hair due to fear of other people's reactions of my afro hair. But I have to remember it's MY hair. I'm not anti-relaxer but relaxing is no longer for me because:
-It's too expensive
-I hate salons and I can't self-relax
-I don't like the chemicals on my hair
-My natural hair is SO thick that people ask if I've had a relaxer- my hair just doesn't seem to take to it :s
-I miss my natural hair and the versatility- it can be twisted, curled, flat ironed, rollerset, braided, cornrowed etc.

So finally here is my transitioning regimen (for now) it'll change as the new growth increases:
-Co-wash 1x week, Moisture DC after, apply leave-in after
-Shampoo wash 1x week, Protein DC after, apply leave-in after
-Moisturise & seal every other night
-Castor oil 2x week on clean scalp
-Protein treatment 1x 8-10 weeks
-Clarify 1x month
So basically the same as my 'relaxed hair' routine, the castor oil has stepped up b/c I want more growth. My aim for my natural hair is to grow it as long as possible/manageable which in my opinion is BSL (bra strap length). I will continue to update this blog with updates, pics etc.

Update April 2011:
I've co-washed today and I think I've found a small section of hair that has broken off at the demarcation line :(. This has reinforced my decision to go into a protective style for 8-9 weeks which will be kinky twists or box braids. I plan to do this in 10 days time. It may be lazy to some but honestly my new growth is already annoying me I just need a break atm all I'm doing daily is bunning. Plus, I tend to get good growth when my hair is in braids.


  1. Good luck on your transition!!!!!! Looking forward to your progress. I flirted with the idea of transitioning for all of 9 weeks lol.

  2. Lol thanks! I've got a loong journey ahead of me :)

  3. oh congrts hun i just started transitioning too :D