Sunday, 10 April 2011

I love her but...

My friend who is also relaxed and supposed to be on a "healthy hair journey" just does not know how to look after her hair! Despite my advice, rants and products she cannot get out of her mentality. Here are some of her infamous quotes:
- When I was relaxing her hair: "why are you only applying the relaxer to my roots it's supposed to be on the whole of my hair" queue side-eye from me
- "I relaxed my hair a week ago if I wash it now it will take the "straightening" out of it"
- "You wash your hair too much twice a week is too much"
- "I'm going to dye my hair and relax it on the same day" > thankfully I talked her out of that one!
- "I'm relaxing my hair tomorrow, so I'm going to wash it tonight"

Ladies, do not do any of these things:
-Relaxer should never be applied to processed hair, when I self-relaxed I actually applied conditioner to my processed ends to avoid overlapping
-I reccommend washing at least weekly and you can wash your hair 7 days post relaxer, I used to.
-Washing your hair twice a week is fine- this has been a staple of my regimen, your hair will not fall out
-Do not undergo two chemical processes (dying and relaxing) on the same day leave at least a two week gap
-Don't wash your hair within 3 days of getting a relaxer this can leave you prone to burns. I used to clarify my hair and do a protein treatment 3 days before getting a touch-up


  1. I completely understand how you feel. I have a friend that is exactly the same way. My friend goes on and on about how she wants her hair to grow and achieve healthy hair. She constantly drills me about the products I use, but never follows through with any of the information I try to share! For her birthday I'm going to gift her with a hair care basket and then I'm DONE because it's just too frustrating.

    You can lead a horse to water...

  2. LOL jeni it's true! You're right you can only do so much.