Saturday, 5 March 2011

Quick Hair Update!

I have been soo busy which explains why it's been a few weeks since my last posting. Anyway a quick hair update:
  • I had a week off work in February and I got sooo lazy with my hair I was just bunning everyday and some days not even moisturising it *shock horror*. I've even running low of my Elasta QP mango butter and I haven't bought a new one :/. Since I've returned to work I've returned to my regimen of bunning 5x week.
  • I'm getting my hair relaxed on April 7th 2011 - I will be 10 weeks post my longest stretch so far.
  • I am currently 5 weeks post - halfway through my stretch- the new growth is coming in.
  • I may need to return to washing 3x week b/c currently after 2days of not washing my scalp gets really dirty :s
  • I recently discovered my staple conditioner V05 deep nourishing elixer contains sulfates :O. So I've traded it in and bought a huge 900ml conditioner from Tresemme's Natural line (you know I love my products with oils) it was a bargain at £2 although next time I may invest in Herbal Essences beautiful ends conditioner
  • I've received loads of compliments on my clip-ins, I think it is a great protective style.
Quick update. HHJ!

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