Saturday, 12 March 2011

Groans and Grumbles :/

Bleh I have a cold at the moment, so I am in a grumbling mood today- if that is a word.
Anyway I purchased this yesterday:
I think it was £2.29 from Julia's...I am not impressed ORS. Maybe I should have read the product a bit closer it does say hair gel but flakiness? Basically I have used this to control my edges because they are curly as I am now 6 weeks post and have 4 weeks to go until my touch-up. It does control my edges but twice now I've noticed flaking on my hairline about 4-5 hours after I apply the edge control. It seems the only way I can use this is to apply it and then comb out the gel a few hours after? Terrible.

Also I've been so busy at work I'm finding it hard to keep up with my hair regimen and my hair keeps getting dirty too quickly, so I am going to follow Sunshyne's hair regimen until my touch-up. Yes my new growth is coming through but I still feel I could have more growth, I think this is the change I need:
Mondays:→ Prepoo
→ Shampoo
→ DC with a moisturizing conditioner
→ Apply Leave ins
→ Once my hair is dry, I moisturize and seal then I apply JBCO to my scalp in sections

→ DC with a moisturizing treatment
→ Co-wash with a moisturizing conditioner
→ Apply Leave-ins
→ Once my hair is dry (2-3hrs later), I moisturize and seal then I apply JBCO to my scalp in sections

Saturdays :
→ Co-wash with a cheapie moisturizing conditioner
→ Apply leave-ins
→ Air dry in twists/bun or Blow dry on cool air.


  1. Oh No! I wanted to try this ... I'll be skipping it now. Thanks for the review

  2. It's ok :) I'm not the only one who hada grumble about it