Thursday, 17 March 2011

Review: Aubrey Honeysuckle Rose Conditioner

I'm not sure why I did not post this review! I drafted it a few months back. Anyway here it is:
After rave reviews on youtube, hairlista and longhaircareforum I finally got my hands on this conditioner! I purchased this conditioner to use as a moisturising deep conditioner. It is a bit pricey at £10.51 from but this is due to the all-natural ingredients and you do get 11 ounces of product. I'm pretty sure you can purchase this product at Whole Foods if you can find one! As if I needed any more confirmation, all the reviews gave this conditioner on average 4/5 and it's the 2nd best selling conditioner behind Kinky Curly Knot Today.

Description: The sweet smell of success for your hair. Trade those dry, thirsty tresses for vibrant, touchably soft hair with this moisture-intensive conditioner. Restorative herbal emollients detangle and rehydrate to leave hair ultra-silky and irresistibly fragrant. Also recommended for bleached or highlighted hair

Ingredients: Coconut Fatty Acid Cream Base ,  Organic Aloe Vera ,  Organic Shea Butter ,  Wheat Germ Oil ,  Organic Jojoba Oil ,  Organic Rosa Mosqueta® Rose Hip Seed Oil ,  Extracts of: Fennel ,  Hops ,  Balm Mint ,  Mistletoe ,  Camomile ,  Yarrow ,  Chrysanthemum ,  Angelica ,  Forsythia ,  and Magnolia ,  Honeysuckle Oil ,  Carrot Oil ,  Aubrey's Preservative: (Citrus Seed Extract ,  Vitamin A ,  Vitamin C ,  and Vitamin E)

Thoughts: I've been using this product for four months as a weekly deep conditioner. I find it very moisturising, I do not really like the smell. But the texture of the product is very thick and coats and moisturises my strands very well. I find as my transitioning journey continues the amount of product I'm applying is increasing. So if you have thick/coarse 4a/4b hair like mine be wary that this product may not last you long (unless you combine it with an oil like I do). The best thing is the ingredients, I'm really happy that they are all natural and I think it justifies the price. I definitely don't feel "bad" or anxious about applying this product. I give it a 4/5.

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