Thursday, 21 April 2011

About Me...

Okay, there's one huge difference between this blog and other blogs...there is not one picture of me on this blog! In all my pictures my face is hidden, there's nothing wrong with my face lol, for now I want to keep my identity hidden. There are many reasons for this but mainly:
a) I am a shy person so I wouldn't know how to react if someone who reads my blog approached me :/
b) I am a teacher so ideally I don't want my students to recognise me
Anywho I thought I'd provide more of an insight into who I am by producing a monthly rundown of things I am up to. This is to make the blog more interactive and I get bored easily. Also if any readers have any suggestions or questions about my hair journey, regimen, products or general advice. Feel free to comment on any of my posts! Furthermore my contact details are at the bottom of the blog.
Anyway here we go:

London Girly Monthly Run Down
I have been buying… tooooo many things at Primark or Primarni (for American readers it is a cheap store that sells homeware, womenswear, menswear and childrenswear. I'm going to Corfu in June so I have bought a few dresses, bikini, travel bottle and a sunhat in preparation for my holiday.
I have been eating at… home :(
I have visited… nowhere special- oh jeez this is making me realise I need to get out more!
Best Bargain… my Primark bargains, £30 ($45) I got a shirt, hat, two dresses, a bag and two belts :)
I have achieved… a good mark in my essay which I'm happy with and I am almost APL (Y)
I've been listening to... Skepta (UK grime artist), mix CDs and throwback songs such as 'Cold Rock The Party' by MC LyteI've been reading... Glamour Magazine as I do every single month
Next month I’m looking forward to… seeing what my hair length is lol
Next month I hope to splash some cash on… a nice pair of denim shorts - preferably high waisted


  1. I thought it was just me and my girls that called it Primarni!!! LOL

  2. That was a good read.. Primark defo drags you in and i have to say their prices are creaping up.. hmm

  3. Lol Primarni sounds a bit better, I know Maureen they definitely are! Thanks for reading :]