Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Detangling Transitioning Hair/My New Weave/Weave Regimen/

Detangling Transitioning Hair
Ok so after the previous post, my hair was freshly shampooed. I divided my hair into four sections and applied my leave-in conditioner (Herbal Essences LTR) to each section and tied them with a hairbands. I braided the hair that was left out, tied it up and put on my satin bonnet. My hair airdryed overnight in these braids. I wanted my new growth to be nicely stretched and detangled in preparation for my weave install today. It worked like a charm, no tangles and minimal shed hair :)

My New Weave Install
I used 100% Human Hair and it is about armpit length (I bought one pack of 10 inch hair and 1 pack of 12 inch hair). I won't name the salon where I got it done, because it was really cheap and not the best experience.

Basically it's a side fringe with layers in the front. I am hoping this weave will last 6-8 weeks so when I take it out I will be 5 months post relaxer :O!! The last weave I had was a year ago and I did nothing to it except to flat iron it and maybe shampoo it twice. Wow what a difference a year can make. Here is my weave regimen I am going to follow for the next 8 weeks in order to look after my real hair and the weave:
Moisturise and seal at least 3x week using a spray bottle filled with Elasta QP mango butter & carrot oil, this will be sprayed on my braids underneath
Moisturise my weave at least 3x week using Elasta QP mango butter
Wash my weave bi-weekly using a bottle filled with water, Elasta QP creme conditioning shampoo & Tresemme Naturals conditioner
Flat iron my weave bi-weekly and use heat protectant beforehand
Add my leave-in conditioner to my braids underneath after each wash
Wear low maintenance styles such as buns/ponytails during the week for work
Sleep with a satin bonnet nightly
Wrap my hair the night beforehand if I wish to wear my weave straight the following day


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