Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Boy oh boy one thing I have learnt about my natural hair is that it just looooves moisture. I was preparing to do a shampoo wash but my hair was really dry :(. I decided to do something I haven't done before and deep condition overnight, in fact I deep conditioned for almost 24 hours. Coincidentally Sunshyne from Hairlista has just posted a blog post of how she DCs overnight
This is what I did:
1. Divided my hair into about four sections without combing (I can't comb my new growth when it's dry) and applied my moisturising DC (Elasta QP-DPR 11) from root to tip
2. Then I detangled my hair because it was coated in this DC using a wide tooth comb
3. I bunned my hair and covered it with a plastic bag which I tied and put a satin bonnet on top
4. Woke up in the morning, left my bonnet on for a while
5. About 18 hours after putting the DC in (the next afternoon) I applied carrot oil to my hair and covered again with a towel
6. I then proceeded to shampoo my hair in the shower about two hours later
My hair was sooo easy to detangle! I would definitely do this again if my hair gets this dry again. Such a time saver and low fuss.
So I have 5 Tips for Transitioners (or even Relaxed heads with New Growth):
1. If you have thick, coarse 4A hair like mine don't even think about combing it when dry. I already have some breakage at my crown from doing this :(. After 9 weeks post I could only detangle with a wide tooth comb on wash days when my hair is wet
2. Moisture, moisture and more moisture (unless you are protein sensitive). I use a moisture DC 2x week and also had to moisturise and seal my new growth daily after about 9 weeks post otherwise it was just too dry
3. Lay off the heat, try not to flat iron your new growth too much because it can lead to heat damage/loss of curl. If you must use direct heat try and use it not more then 1x month and even then remember the heat protectant.
4. Do attempt styles such as flexi rod sets, bantu knots and braidouts to blend the new growth with relaxed ends. I tried this but my new growth does not blend it stands out like a sore thumb :/
5. Patience is key, whether it is when you are combing or styling. Gentle handling of your hair prevents breakage!


  1. I have never tried this, I might give it a go x

  2. Try to moisturize your hair daily! It promotes growth and reduces breakage! I agree with the DC as well, try to add in hot oil treatments as well once monthly!