Sunday, 17 April 2011

Damn...maybe I shouldn't have taken these length check pics...

Ok I am subbed to youlovemegz channel and she reminded everyone to take pictures to document their hair journeys. I last took a picture in January 2011 after my relaxer, my relaxer touch up was due last Friday so I thought I might as well take a length check picture especially feeling a bit bleh about transitioning. So here my hair is the end of January 2011:
And here is today 17th April, 11 and a half weeks later, yes I only flat ironed and took a picture of the bottom half of my hair, I thought the less heat the better. Of course I sprayed my Tresemme heat protectant spray on beforehand.

My puffy new growth, notice hair is past the third stripe 

NG is about an inch stretched

Texture of flat ironed hair
Hair has actually grown :O

I clearly need to use my digital camera rather than just my BB but I feel quite shocked by my progress, there's more than once inches of new growth between relaxers. Ends are a little wispy/thin could be due to the fact I am transitioning or that I only flat ironed a small section of hair. Definitely need a trim in the next couple of months. Sometimes I feel I don't do enough to my hair because I bun 5x week but then protective styling is the best way I guess. Eurgh I shouldn't have taken these pics because I am going to have chop off those relaxed ends :(.  Definitely thankful for Hairlista without that site I wouldn't have made this progress! Welll I've got a bit of time before deciding I am going to enter into a protective style watch out for a blog post soon...


  1. if you had waited longer though, who knows how much your ends would have thinned? i'm just glad to see you have achieved so much length regardless! congrats [:

  2. You have had some good growth. I think i need to start taking photos too. x

  3. thanks guys, yep definitely reccommend taking pics to document your growth