Thursday, 14 April 2011

Okay so I'm back!

I am still transitioning, just had a bit of a "whatamigonnadowithmyhair" moment!
After visiting blogs such as:
the natural haven
hairinspiration (naturalbelle)
And the ever so wonderful Hairlista
I was back on my transitioning journey, I'm 11 weeks post so only got 11.5 months left. I saw this little curl yesterday in my hair and was definitely back on my journey to natural hair!
I am going to installmicro braids when I am not wearing my braids these will be my transitioning styles:

    Flexi Rod Braid Out Updo:
Caruso Roller Set/Saran Wrap:

Flexi Rod Braid Out:

I am trying to minimise heat on my hair, but I couldn't resist blow drying it this week, I was fed up of air drying:
(Side View)- looks healthy to me of course I used my heat protectant beforehand, not much breakage so far, detangling my hair when wet 2x week after washing is definitely working for me!
10 weeks post new growth, suprisingly manageable:

My weekend plans for my hair are to wear clip-ins in a protective style like so, 3 easy steps:
1) Section off the front of the hair as my leave-out hair, flat iron or Caruso roller set. French braid the bottom half of the hair
2) Apply your clip-ins over the bottom section

 3) Brush clip-ins and leave out hair to blend, style as desired:
HHJ guys!

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