Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Transitioning Blues aka Random Hair Babble

So I am over 2 and a half months post and I've self-installed some kinky twists and I am not a happy bunny
:(  The hair is massive and I think it's because I am not used to fake hair being on my head. Apart from clip-in extensions I have not had any braid or extension on my head in almost a year! So does this mean I am better transitioning without any braids/weaves/wigs? How am I going to do that? Won't my hair look ugly? How am I going to do this without using heat? Is it worth doing a long-term transition versus a big chop? Honestly these are all the questions going through my head, this journey is really hard and I'm not even 3 months in :( . I am definitely transitioning to more natural products but I feel I am not mentally ready to transition to natural hair, yet. Honestly I am so tempted to get a relaxer next week and continue on my relaxed hair journey to BSL. I guess the end seems so far I can't even see the end to justify the means. If you know what I mean anyway this is a random hair babble, a result will be posted here soon- either relaxed or transitioning....

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