Monday, 9 May 2011

Ayurvedic Hair Products/Regimen

These are natural hair products (originating in India- correct me if I am wrong) and are increasingly being used by both natural and relaxed women because they heed many benefits including thicker and stronger hair. Here are some of the benefits of Ayurdvedic hair powders as typed by Hairlista Ulanie:
"Hesh" Amla Powder (Conditioning)
Dark and Healthy Hair Naturally
Has the following advantages: Promotes hair growth, Controls hair fall, Cures scalp infection, Controls premature graying of hair.

"Hesh" Brahmi Powder (Conditioning)
Ayurveda's most potent hair vitalizer
Has the following advantages: Cools the scalp, Controls dandruff, Makes hair long, dark, Dense & lustrous, Strengthens hair roots.

"Hesh" Maka Powder (Cleansing)
Clean scalp
Has the following advantages: Removes scurf, Cures Alopecia, Makes hair dense and promotes hair growth.

"Hesh" Neem Leaves Powder (Cleansing)
The Trusted antibacterial & antidandruff powder
Has the following advantages: Clears dandruff, Powerful natural antiseptic, Cures skin disorders, Controls Natural oil balance of skin.

"Hesh" Shikakai Powder (Cleansing)
Dirt Buster for your scalp
Has the following advantages: Provides new life to hair strands, Strengthens hair roots, Increases bounchiness and silkiness of hair, Clears dandruff, Keeps the scalp clean and cool.

"Hesh" Tulsi Leaves Powder (moisturizing)
Cures Dandruff, protects your skin
Has the following advantages: Effective antibacterial quality, Protects and moisturizes the scalp, Helps to treat acute dandruff problems, A very effective anti pollution properties thus helps to protect the hair.

How I will incorporate Ayurvedic hair products in my regimen:
You can also buy some of these powders in oil form (vatika and amla). I personally plan to buy vatika oil (my mum already has some) and prepoo with this.

I have already ordered amla powder and shikakai powder from Ebay- bargain £4.62 ($7) including postage and packaging. I will create a deep conditioning mix using 5 tablespoons of each powder and adding hot water. I will use this deep conditioning mix prior to shampoo or co-washing bi-weekly.

I am sure many of you have heard of Henna which can be used to colour the hair. I am definitely not an expert on Henna all I know is that it can colour hair and if you are relaxed and order henna it must be of body art quality. I was tempted to order Indigo henna from Lush to darken my hair but I am scared because Henna is permanent!!

I am quite excited as this is a new thing for me to try (I will post reviews as my hair is still in a weave)! If you wish to try out these products or just want information about Ayurvedic hair products here is an excellent link from Moptop Maven: