Sunday, 22 May 2011

Quick Update!

I felt a lil bit bad not updating this blog for almost 2 weeks now so I'll do a quick blog post. Things have recently been hectic but I am glad to say at the end of June will mark the end of me being a postgraduate student and September will mark the start of me beginning a proper teacher post. Yay I got a job!!! Anyway that aside, here's what's up:
  • I am still in a weave and I plan to remove it on Bank Holiday Monday or the day after which will make it almost 6 weeks
  • My regrowth is crazy there is no longer a parting between the cornrows underneath the weave lol so I am not looking forward to taking out the weave and detangling
  • I like weaves but I'm going to avoid getting another one for probably another year, it's a good protective style but honestly I miss my hair :(
  • Have I decided to transition or not? Hmm still not sure definitely leaning towards continuing to relax but being a self-relaxer
  • I miss my hair, I said that already but I doo I miss the versatility of it- sew ins lack flexibility
  • I am keeping to my weave regimen (I just need to ensure I keep moisturising my real hair). Tomorrow after spin class will be the 3rd time I have washed this weave and the last! It takes aaaages
  • I received my brahmi and shikaki powder but it is unopened, I don't plan to make this paste until my weave is out
  • The regrowth is making it very difficult for me to wear this weave atm- I'm always self-conscious it is noticeable
  • And I want to purchase a hairdryer with a comb attachment and use this for my heat pass 1x month
  • I need to do more reviews/updates on this blog! I have a week off next week so hopefully I can do that then
Anyway it's been brief HHJ!

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