Monday, 30 May 2011

Hair Plans Week Beginning 30/05

Hi tomorrow I am due to (finally) take my weave out, honestly I feel like I don't want to wear a weave till Winter, it's too hot in Summer and also I work out 3x week. In total I have had it in for 6 weeks (well 5 weeks 6 days) and washed it a total of 4 times. The washing process (washing, putting leave-in conditioner on my real underneath, drying, caruso roller setting then wrap) took aaages at least an hour and a half. So I am glad to be rid of weave at the moment. I am basically 5 months post. I almost bought ORS no-lye relaxer box perm to self-relax yesterday but thought I should wait to take my weave out before deciding on relaxing. This is my new growth by the way (underneath my weave):

Yup I am not looking forward to tackling this!

My hair plans for tomorrow is to take down my weave (I do use scissors to cut the weave thread) and then undo the braids underneath. I plan to wet my hair - there's no way I am going to attack my new growth when dry - and do a protein deep conditioning treatment (ORS deep replenishing treatment) then clarify my hair.

On Saturday (4th June) I plan to use a moisturising DC and detangle with my wide tooth comb. I plan to shampoo and then air dry.

Here are my pros and cons of weave as a summary:
  • Great protective style- hair is not manipulated could help to retain growth
  • Quicker and easier to style daily, less time consuming
  • Using human hair means you can wash, tong, flat iron
  • Adds length if you're SL or CBL (like me)
  • Not versatile if you have a sew-in you can't do ponytails or bantu knots etc
  • Human hair can be quite expensive (esp Remy hair)
  • Tight sew-ins can lead to hair breakage especially on your edges
  • If you wear a weave during Summer or work out a lot it can get very hot/dirty
  • Washing and gaining access to the scalp is difficult/time consuming
  • Hair can tangle/mat very easily if you do not wrap the hair consistently

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