Wednesday, 1 June 2011

So I Took My Weave Down *sigh*

And I shed so much guys! SO much! I did a protein deep conditioner and I clarified, here is a picture of my shed hair:

I almost cried in the shower :(. I googled for advice and found that shedding after being in a weave is pretty normal because it is all the shed hair that has not been manipulated/combed for the time hair has been in a weave. I had my weave in for 6 weeks, maybe it is the shock of seeing all the shed hair at the same time- I'm not sure, either way I feel a bit bad about it. I keep racking my brain what did I do wrong :(
I detangled when my hair was wet, maybe I should have pre pooed? Maybe I didn't moisturise my real hair enough when it was in the weave? Did I oil my scalp enough? I thought I did everything right, maybe I am overreacting I am just not sure.

I took a picture of what my hair looked like when the weave came out, it was just one huge braidout:

Took a close up picture to show some of my hair is really brown now - not sure why, I know relaxer can lighten your hair, but considering my last relaxer was in January, I'm slightly confused. I may do a black rinse using Dark & Lovely Reviving Colors I'm not sure.

I see a little bit of growth, but to be honest I'm so disappointed in my shed hair, I'm not satisfied with it. APL is my goal and I'm still not there yet, not sure whether I may self-trim in August.
23 MARCH 2011

31ST MAY 2011

I see about an inch of growth if that, the ends are very thin at the moment so I may trim them. An inch seems about right for 2 months.
By the time I finished washing my hair I was shedding a lot less which is something. After washing I applied my leave-in conditioner (Herbal Essences LTR) and did four plaits to air dry overnight. This morning I moisturised and sealed each section. My strategy for the next week is moisture, moisture, moisture! I'm going to do a moisturising DC on Friday and co-wash and air dry overnight. Saturday I want to wear my clip-ins, but want to avoid heat so hmm not sure how I'm going to do that yet. I am planning to relax next week- yes admittedly I am back to the creamy crack. When I am ready to go natural I am going to have to big chop I just cannot cope with the two textures. I do miss my natural hair but honestly the daily maintenance just does not appeal to me. I really wish to self-relax but with this much growth I am unsure whether I can. It is just way too expensive to go to the salon £35 (around $52). If I bought a relaxer myself it would be £3.70 (just over $5). I already have my tools from the last attempt at self-relaxing  so I may just practice this weekend with my moisturising DC. I've got two items on my wishlist: a Wahl pro pik dryer (for my monthly heat pass) and coconut oil (I love and miss this oil soo much). Anyway HHJ I'll update you on my hair plans

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  1. Hey girl, don't be disheartened by the shedding this happened to me when I took out my kinky twist and I had those in for about 5-6wks. I would do them again bcoz the overall health of my hair out weighed the shedding.

    I recommend a hot oil treatment I have started doing this and it give the hair all that needed moisture and quickly which has actually helped tremendously with my shedding on a daily basics.