Friday, 3 June 2011

Mini Hair-Haul

I know tut, tut but the product junkie in me couldn't help but buy a couple of things from the hair shop.

< terrible picture *covers eyes*
I've been slacking on my oils ALOT, I'm almost out of castor oil and will not be re-purchasing carrot oil (doesn't compare to coconut oil). So I bought some coconut oil for £1.79 from Julia's. I also purchased my relaxer ORS no-lye (£3.49), I plan to relax on Tuesday because I am co-washing tonight. I have bought Wahl pro-pik dryer (£12.99) which I have wanted for years, yes years! I actually don't own a hairdryer I use my mum's. The comb attachment will come in handy and I plan to use it for my monthly heat pass. I also purchased some Sleek fashion 101 hair 1B (£5.99) I'm still confused on whether it is synthetic or human hair :s, all I know is you can use heat up to 200 centigrade. This hair is for some new clip-ins which I plan to make. My old ones are just horrid and matted, I didn't really look after them :(. So a product junky promise- I promise not to repurchase any new hair products unless they are oils (I am really running low) or a relaxer till the end of September- my first paycheque. My mum purchased some olive oil to cook with so I've taken some and put in a spare bottle, I plan to add this to my DCs. I also plan to purchase argan oil and more castor oil. I need to post a whole lot more reviews- on coconut oil (which is my new oil to seal with, definitely a staple), my new Sleek fashion 101 and argan oil when I purchase it and my brahmi and shikaki powders when I make that mix.
I have been really busy lately but now that I have almost finished university I should be doing a lot more posts. I am treating my hair today. I was SO worried after all that shedding, but I have just been plaiting my hair in four braids each day and moisturising and sealing that's all really, very low manipulation. Today I have done a hot oil mix (olive oil and coconut oil in the microwave for 30 seconds)  - thanks for the advice Maureen - and coated it in my hair in four sections. Next I am going to do a moisturising DC with added olive oil (just 1-2 tsps) and then co-wash with a moisturising coniditioner. My hair has honestly been the longest and healthiest it's ever been, haircare REALLY works. I can't believe how much my hair has grown since September. I realised today I actually do not trust any hairdressers, I am actually fearful of going to a hairdresser to get a relaxer. I'm fearful of relaxer burns, a "cut" when I want a trim and just coming out bald-headed. So I am definitely going to self-relax *fingers crossed* you know I'll post the results too!
Thanks for following my blog guys, I've noticed some new followers :)

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  1. Your welcome girl.. and I need a new hair dryer too so I may pick that one up.