Sunday, 5 June 2011

My Favourites (Inspired by FromShortToLong)

I have been on my hair journey for 9 months now (time flies!) I started out shoulder length, it's relaxer day on Tuesday *dances* (I am still debating whether to do do it myself or get it done at the salon, but length check pics will be taken) and I thought this may help any "newbies" out there. This is just my favourites so far on my hair journey.

Oils/Butters:Coconut Oil: I seal with this daily - love it!
Jamaican Black Castor Oil : I use 2x weekly on a clean scalp to promote thick hair growth
Wishlist: vatika oil and argan oil

Shampoos:Elasta QP creme conditioning shampoo: basically sulfate free and cheap! This is my staple I use 1x week.

Conditioners:Tresemme Moisturising conditioner is what I'm using at the moment 1x week but there may be better ones out there. I want to try Herbal Essence's LTR or Aussie Moist. I'm still searching for that staple conditioner hmm

Leave-In:Herbal Essence LTR- I use after each wash, so 2x week
Wishlist: Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In

Moisturizer:Elasta QP Mango Butter- LOVE it! I use daily.

I might find a serum/styler, I only use Elasta QP design silk for hold/heat protectant when flat ironing, does the job. Although oils in my opinion do the same job as serums.

Tools:My wide tooth comb- definitely an essential!!!
My GHD straighteners- I use no more than 1x month for my heat pass, they are £100+ ($150+) well worth it, received it as a birthday present 7 years ago and still going strong

Current Regimen:
Pre-poo then shampoo wash 1x week then protein DC
Co-wash 1x week then moisturising DC
Moisturise and seal daily
Use heat no more than 1x month
Use leave-ins after each wash
Clarifying shampoo 1x month
Protein treatment 1 week pre-relaxer
Relax every 10-12 weeks
Planning to incorproate my ayurverdic powders 1x fortnight and DC with them
Protective style (ends protected i.e buns) 4x week minimum

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