Friday, 24 June 2011

Hairstyles How - To - The Clip-In Ponytail

I am not sure why I didn't think of this hairstyle before, but anyway I was getting ready to go to a club and I wanted my hair off my face and neck. But I like long hair with volume so I decided to use one clip-in extension. Here is what I did
1. Divided my hair and clipped in one track
2. Started brushing the hair over to blend

3. Brushed my hair back to get it into a ponytail, being careful to ensure the track was not exposed. My hair is quite thick so this was not a problem

 4. After a bit more brushing to blend I got the desired look.
A lot of people thought it was my hair, I think this look works well because my edges are laid down pretty easily due to being freshly relaxed. If not I'd use my Elasta QP mango butter to lay down my edges. I find using a brush blends my real hair and clip-ins easier than a comb.

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