Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Blog Changes - I'm Coming Out!

Hey guys I have finally decided to show my face after 10 months lol. I think it's time also it makes it very difficult to hide my face when taking pictures and I really want to create my YouTube account by the end of the year and post hair videos, so kind of makes sense now. I have new widgets linked to my Twitter and Blog Lovin accounts on the page. I have posted my twitter account:

So follow me :)

As I'm writing I've got the song 'I'm Coming Out' by Diana Ross replaying lol.

Also, I plan to make some blog changes I want to make the content 50-75% hair-related and the remaining concerning nails and fashion as they are my other loves :)

Heyyy new followers- thanks for following.


  1. Helloo... loving the new look blog and glad you decide to come out hehe

  2. Hey Jeni I need to follow you on twitter!